Kubu Smart Lock

Introducing Kubu. Smarter windows and doors. Our ultra-secure uPVC windows and doors are fully integrated with Kubu Smart Security.

High security windows with Kubu inside

The Kubu sensor allows end-users to monitor the status of their window and door locks in real-time, sending a notification if it’s been left unlocked and allowing them to check if their home is secure anytime, anywhere, from the Kubu app.

It also links up with Alexa and allows end users to create recipes to turn on lighting, when, for example the door is opened, or set scheduled alerts.

It also features a Smart geo-fence, so if you do leave your home unlocked, you get an alert.

We supply Kubu as standard across our uPVC window and door ranges.

Kubu is recognised by insurance companies

Kubu provides a record of the security status of doors or windows in real-time, notifying end-users if they’ve left their home unsecured. It also creates a door history and window history.

This means that its been recognised by leading insurers and can even lower home insurance bills.

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