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Secondary Glazing

Retain heat, decrease external noise and increase security.

What is secondary glazing?


Secondary glazing features the installation of a slimline, discreet aluminium panel fixed either within the reveal, or to the face, of the existing window. Effective secondary glazing should be barely visible to the naked eye, whilst bolstering both the thermal and acoustic performance of the primary window. An independent unit that operates separately from the existing window, secondary glazing is an ideal solution for properties where window replacement is not an option.

Types of secondary glazing

Horizontal Sliding

Suitable for a range of windows such as casement, hinged or any window with vertical bars. Available in two, three, four or five panels, the sashes can be completely removed when you need to clean the existing window.

Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliders are used in conjunction with traditional box-sash windows. A tilt-in option is available, enabling both panels to individually tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Hinged Unit

Hinged casements are normally used in conjunction with casement windows or traditional box-sash windows. The glazed panes operate on hinges and open into the room.


Our most simple secondary double-glazing product is typically used when the area for fixing into, is minimal. Once installed, the glazed panel cannot be removed.

Lift Out

Glazed panels are held in place with a slimline, robust aluminium outer frame. Panels are simply lifted out of the outer frame to give access to the existing window.

Reasons our secondary glazing is so good

  • External noise issues managed and controlled.
  • Eliminate external noise by up to a whopping 80%.
  • Historic, contemporary, or unusual designs. Up to 200 frame colours available.
  • From 4 – 8mm thickness glass to thermal coatings, all fully customised.
  • 10 year guarantee for all frames and glazing. British factory made, engineered to last.
  • Heat-efficient secondary glazing reduces your utility bills, makes your home more comfortable, and minimises your environmental impact.
  • Over 200 Ral colours.

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